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20 December
Posted in Nature, The Lot
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Ding Dong the Darkness is Gone

I have no plans for this year’s Winter Solstice, but I couldn’t be happier that it is here. I love this time of year, it is truly my favorite season. I love the cold, crisp air, and all the changes in nature and the atmosphere it creates. However, I don’t […]

16 December
Posted in Culture, The Lot

Do not do this.

This is why your cat hates you. Okay, yes, he looks fraking adorable, but just look at his face. Look at it. *smiles* Um, look at it. He HATES it. *gumphpfft!* He really hates it. *giggle* Okay, it’s funny. But, please, take it off. Take it off before he kills […]

25 November
Posted in Art, Culture, The Lot
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Tarot Trim and Holiday Hell

Will I Be Trimming The Tarot With Care? My new Sun and Moon tarot deck arrived today! (See previous post for images.) I’m already in LOVE with them. However, I found myself immediately tempted to trim them down to get rid of the stark, white borders as well as the […]


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