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26 January
Posted in Art, The Lot
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The last one is soooo going in the Lexicon. © 2012 by Randall Munroe, Just had to share. Mnemosyne Mars I’m a pan(en)theistic Pagan with a quick tongue, black thumb, and no sense of elemental direction. Otherwise, I’m awesome.

9 January
Posted in Culture, The Lot

Lexicon In Review, 2011

I have been remiss in my lexical duties. Never fear, I have many additions to make in 2012. Before I embark on that project, I thought we should review some of the newest additions that happened in 2011. Many, many, many notable figures in the pagan community have been featured. […]

16 December
Posted in Culture, The Lot

Do not do this.

This is why your cat hates you. Okay, yes, he looks fraking adorable, but just look at his face. Look at it. *smiles* Um, look at it. He HATES it. *gumphpfft!* He really hates it. *giggle* Okay, it’s funny. But, please, take it off. Take it off before he kills […]

6 November
Posted in Culture, The Lot
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So this is how it started. I had just finished watching a Terra Nova rerun (an episode I missed last week), when I began to innocently switch through the other channels for something new to watch, like you do. During my clicking ritual, I found myself staring at a familiar […]


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