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6 November
Posted in Culture, The Lot
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So this is how it started. I had just finished watching a Terra Nova rerun (an episode I missed last week), when I began to innocently switch through the other channels for something new to watch, like you do. During my clicking ritual, I found myself staring at a familiar […]

23 October
Posted in Art, Culture, Literature, The Lot

Halloween Costume Ideas for the Pleasantly Plump

Ever get frustrated trying to come-up with a Halloween costume that won’t look ridiculous on someone over a mere 120lbs? Never fear! Everyone knows that all the best monsters and villains have ample asets, and large, um, tracks of land. They wear their worldly flesh proudly as a badge of […]

1 September
Posted in The Lot, Theology

Jewish Mysticism, Magic and Lore, Oy Vey!

This semester I’m taking another course on magic at university. I love my school. Last night was our first class and I already can’t wait for next week. Apparently we will be learning ancient Hebrew, Aramaic and I think some Arabic. Our professor (just “Professor” from now on) assures us […]

20 March
Posted in Culture, Nature, The Lot
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Ostara for One

Happy Ostara everyone! So, what do you do when you are the only pagan in the house on Ostara and it’s raining kittens and puppies outside? MARATHONS. I’m currently on the hunt for movies, tv episodes, and books that relate to Spring, birth, and balance. So far, I’ve come up […]


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