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30 April
Posted in The Lot
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Tarocchi Puttana

So, I haven’t written any new posts for a few months, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been extremely active on PBN. I’ve been hard at work redesigning, writing, and editing new content throughout the site—as readers, this will not be exciting to you…but to me, it’s Woodstock. More recently, […]

6 January
Posted in The Lot, Theology

A Runic Tree of Life

This a synopsis of the term project I worked on for my “Jewish Mysticism, Magic, and Lore” class (Spring 2011). My original plan was to create an amulet using imagery from the tarot—but it evolved into something quite different. The original audience was my instructor and classmates, so some of […]

27 November
Posted in Art, The Lot

Deck the Tarot and Trim the Cards

Here a picture of the modified Sun and Moon deck with the borders trimmed. The nerve-racking task of cutting-up the cards was worth totally it in this case, because I’m really pleased with the result. Much, much cleaner. No more distractions. No more annoying copyright information on every card. No […]

25 November
Posted in Art, Culture, The Lot
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Tarot Trim and Holiday Hell

Will I Be Trimming The Tarot With Care? My new Sun and Moon tarot deck arrived today! (See previous post for images.) I’m already in LOVE with them. However, I found myself immediately tempted to trim them down to get rid of the stark, white borders as well as the […]


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