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22 September
Posted in Art, Literature, Nature, The Lot
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Mabon Song

This poem was featured in a special Autumn segment on Pagan In Portland (season one, episode 16), hosted by Sonoran Green. Crisp. Clean. Bitter. Sweet. The third season arrives, Carried by the wind. The sun gods of the spheres Descend deep within the chasm Between light and dark. Faces turned […]

20 September
Posted in Culture, The Lot
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Podcast Debut

Launching the Pagan By Nature podcast on Mabon! The first episode of the Pagan By Nature podcast is slated to launch on Mabon, September 23, 2011! Squee! Despite some major setbacks, I’ve had a lot of fun writing, planning, designing, learning, recording and editing my first episode. I can’t wait […]

2 September
Posted in Culture, The Lot

Pagan by Nature Podcast Reboot

The possibility for a Pagan by Nature podcast is back on the table. Yes, I know what I said two blogs ago, but listen to what I'm saying now. My biggest obstacle has been confidence and privacy. I am hardly an authority on anything let alone paganism. I also live […]

26 May
Posted in Culture, The Lot
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Witches View Shout-Out!

I am so thrilled! My silly Lexicon page (aka Pagan Glossary) was mentioned on one of my very favorite podcasts! In the latest Witches View episode, Pagan Ponderings: Tech Witch, the funny and fabulous hosts—Essa, Emy, and Mo—said some very nice things about my silly glossary. I LOVE them. Another […]


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