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25 November
Posted in Art, Culture, The Lot
Comments Off on Tarot Trim and Holiday Hell

Tarot Trim and Holiday Hell

Will I Be Trimming The Tarot With Care? My new Sun and Moon tarot deck arrived today! (See previous post for images.) I’m already in LOVE with them. However, I found myself immediately tempted to trim them down to get rid of the stark, white borders as well as the […]

21 November
Posted in Politics, The Lot
Comments Off on The So-Called SOPA Bill

The So-Called SOPA Bill

So long, and thanks for all the bits. —The Interwebs So, have you heard about the end of the internet? Yup. I say end because that’s what it will be. It will certainly end the internet as we know it. No, this is not a crazy conspiracy theory about the […]

6 November
Posted in Culture, The Lot
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So this is how it started. I had just finished watching a Terra Nova rerun (an episode I missed last week), when I began to innocently switch through the other channels for something new to watch, like you do. During my clicking ritual, I found myself staring at a familiar […]

26 September
Posted in Literature, The Lot
Comments Off on Ranting Review: City of Fallen Angels

Ranting Review: City of Fallen Angels

Warning: major spoilage ahead. I don’t actually post all the books I’ve read in my spiritual library (on the blog or my Goodreads account) as I like to keep my bibliotheca centered on relevant pagan spirituality and religious research. Besides, if I did post everything I’ve read that had even […]


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