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22 November
Posted in Art, The Lot

My New(est) Tarot Deck

Sun And Moon Tarot Finally chose my new tarot deck. My gift to myself for the season. I’m doing a tarot project in my Jewish Mysticism class this semester as our final project. I’m going to combine the art of tarot imagery and symbolism to create a custom amulet. So, […]

21 November
Posted in Art, Culture, The Lot
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Tarot Videos

Here are some videos involving tarot cards and tarot reading that I love and want to share. I adore the art of tarot. I find that it encompasses everything that I love: art, psychology, literature, history, mythology, iconography, design, mystery, intuition, creation, and more. It speaks to me greatly on […]

6 November
Posted in Culture, The Lot
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So this is how it started. I had just finished watching a Terra Nova rerun (an episode I missed last week), when I began to innocently switch through the other channels for something new to watch, like you do. During my clicking ritual, I found myself staring at a familiar […]

23 October
Posted in Art, Culture, Literature, The Lot

Halloween Costume Ideas for the Pleasantly Plump

Ever get frustrated trying to come-up with a Halloween costume that won’t look ridiculous on someone over a mere 120lbs? Never fear! Everyone knows that all the best monsters and villains have ample asets, and large, um, tracks of land. They wear their worldly flesh proudly as a badge of […]


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