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29 September
Posted in Culture, The Lot
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Operation PBNP: Mission Accomplished

Finally! My first episode is published! Many of you already know how problematic this project has been for me. You’d never guess the many many different ways there are to screw up a podcast recording. Really. For instance, did you know that high pitched noises (like, say, the sudden and […]

25 September
Posted in Culture, The Lot
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PBNP Launch Delayed

So here's what happened. I was in mid-record late friday afternoon, giving my thanks and farewell's on the first episode, when Audacity quit unexpededly. I relaunched and re-opened my file to find…nothing. Nothing was left. All the recordings, the edits, the music, even the gag-reel of the many mistakes and […]

22 September
Posted in Art, Literature, Nature, The Lot
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Mabon Song

This poem was featured in a special Autumn segment on Pagan In Portland (season one, episode 16), hosted by Sonoran Green. Crisp. Clean. Bitter. Sweet. The third season arrives, Carried by the wind. The sun gods of the spheres Descend deep within the chasm Between light and dark. Faces turned […]

20 September
Posted in Culture, The Lot
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Podcast Debut

Launching the Pagan By Nature podcast on Mabon! The first episode of the Pagan By Nature podcast is slated to launch on Mabon, September 23, 2011! Squee! Despite some major setbacks, I’ve had a lot of fun writing, planning, designing, learning, recording and editing my first episode. I can’t wait […]


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