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1 March
Posted in The Lot, Theology
Comments Off on Magic and Religion (Science later)

Magic and Religion (Science later)

I have been absent from this blog and my spiritual education as a whole lately. I took a break from my online studies in paganism and witchcraft in order to focus on my mundane educational pursuits. In some ways my personal, academic, and spiritual life have greatly improved, and in […]

6 November
Posted in The Lot, Theology
Comments Off on Religion, Lies, and Nietzsche

Religion, Lies, and Nietzsche

‘How can you be religious?’ I can’t say I’m on board with all of Nietzsche’s philosophical theories, but a recent question posed by a fellow artist brought him to my mind on a particular topic: How can we still be religious in the year 2010? The artist claimed that he […]

21 September
Posted in Culture, The Lot, Theology
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Pagan Virtues

Aristotle can suck it. So my philosophy teacher and I have had our third in-class argument over Aristotle. No one in that class likes or respects me anymore. They all seem to take offense at my attempts at learning something and trying not to fall asleep by using my brain. […]


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