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6 January
Posted in The Lot, Theology

A Runic Tree of Life

This a synopsis of the term project I worked on for my “Jewish Mysticism, Magic, and Lore” class (Spring 2011). My original plan was to create an amulet using imagery from the tarot—but it evolved into something quite different. The original audience was my instructor and classmates, so some of […]

1 September
Posted in The Lot, Theology

Jewish Mysticism, Magic and Lore, Oy Vey!

This semester I’m taking another course on magic at university. I love my school. Last night was our first class and I already can’t wait for next week. Apparently we will be learning ancient Hebrew, Aramaic and I think some Arabic. Our professor (just “Professor” from now on) assures us […]

16 June
Posted in The Lot, Theology

Magical Course Credit at University

I just registered for another class in religious and magical studies at my University. Jealous? Last semester, I took Magic, Science & Religion—a course on the complexity of human relationships and communication with the Divine, and religious/political movements in culture—and will soon be taking Jewish Mysticism, Magic & Lore. Squee! […]

13 March
Posted in The Lot, Theology
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Re: Magic and Religion (Science later)

So I had a conversation with my professor about this categorization issue. She said that paganism is included in the Religion section (as opposed to the Magic), because it is a religious movement. This section is more about social, political, and cultural movements in regards to religion, and paganism certainly […]


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