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26 September
Posted in Literature, The Lot
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Ranting Review: City of Fallen Angels

Warning: major spoilage ahead. I don’t actually post all the books I’ve read in my spiritual library (on the blog or my Goodreads account) as I like to keep my bibliotheca centered on relevant pagan spirituality and religious research. Besides, if I did post everything I’ve read that had even […]

22 September
Posted in Art, Literature, Nature, The Lot
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Mabon Song

This poem was featured in a special Autumn segment on Pagan In Portland (season one, episode 16), hosted by Sonoran Green. Crisp. Clean. Bitter. Sweet. The third season arrives, Carried by the wind. The sun gods of the spheres Descend deep within the chasm Between light and dark. Faces turned […]

14 June
Posted in The Lot, Theology

Jungian Nightmare

So my friend (and podcast mentor) Fire Lyte from Inciting A Riot posted a critique on the latest remake of Nightmare on Elm Street. I began to compose a comment…and it got long…and little off-topic. You see, he inadvertently stumbled on a secret fandom of mine: horror films and psychological […]


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