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21 October
Comments Off on Laces and Pentagrams

Laces and Pentagrams

So…just a quick note to let you know that this is a thing that exists. You can tie your shoelaces in the shape of a pentagram. You’re welcome. Visit Ian’s Shoelace Site to see instructions for this lace design and for a veritable shit-load of inspiration and how-tos on all […]

19 October
Posted in Art, The Lot
Comments Off on Tarotpalooza: Narrowing It Down, pt.1

Tarotpalooza: Narrowing It Down, pt.1

(See previous blog entry for further information.) Objectives Find a new tarot for my collection. I’m always looking for imagery that really speaks to me. Although my learning deck (Gilded) is really clear and gives me good readings, it isn’t my style and I would like to find a deck […]


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