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seeking knowledge is its own sacred quest

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30 April
Posted in The Lot
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Tarocchi Puttana

So, I haven’t written any new posts for a few months, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been extremely active on PBN. I’ve been hard at work redesigning, writing, and editing new content throughout the site—as readers, this will not be exciting to you…but to me, it’s Woodstock. More recently, […]

14 February
Posted in Culture, Mundane, The Lot

PantheaCon 2013

Gone witching. Be back on Monday. Be coherent by Wednesday. Be recovered around Friday. Do not disturb.

15 January
Posted in Mundane
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Late last night, just a week before the Spring 2013 semester begins, I was informed that I am supposedly ineligible to take one of the classes I enrolled in because I’m not a ‘BFA graphic design student’ and ‘do not meet the requirements for the course’ which are now different […]

24 October
Posted in The Lot

I’m Back

Greetings. I’m not dead.


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