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seeking knowledge is its own sacred quest

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21 October
Comments Off on Laces and Pentagrams

Laces and Pentagrams

So…just a quick note to let you know that this is a thing that exists. You can tie your shoelaces in the shape of a pentagram. You’re welcome. Visit Ian’s Shoelace Site to see instructions for this lace design and for a veritable shit-load of inspiration and how-tos on all […]

18 February
Posted in Nature, The Lot, Theology
Comments Off on Struggles with Spirituality 2.0

Struggles with Spirituality 2.0

In terms of my spirituality, I’ve been stuck at a crossroads for a long long while. I discussed this briefly in my post on┬ápanen(a)theism last year (or not so briefly), and I still feel very conflicted and ‘bleh’ about the whole thing. To alleviate my cognitive dissonance, I basically retreated […]

8 February
Comments Off on 2013 Recount, Recap, Review

2013 Recount, Recap, Review

I been gone for a minute, but I’m back with the drop off…or, whatever this is. Twenty-thirteen is dead and gone, and I haven’t posted since last spring. So, here’s a list of, mostly, notable events that happened either to or around me, that I can recall, in 2013, in […]

29 May
Posted in The Lot, Theology


I’ve been struggling with my spirituality for a few months now. In short, I feel like I’m drifting farther and farther away from a panentheistic world view (the divine exists within everything, therefore, everything is divine) and moving closer to something that would have to be called straight-up atheism. First […]


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