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18 February
Posted in Nature, The Lot, Theology
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Struggles with Spirituality 2.0

In terms of my spirituality, I’ve been stuck at a crossroads for a long long while. I discussed this briefly in my post on┬ápanen(a)theism last year (or not so briefly), and I still feel very conflicted and ‘bleh’ about the whole thing. To alleviate my cognitive dissonance, I basically retreated […]

20 December
Posted in Nature, The Lot
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Ding Dong the Darkness is Gone

I have no plans for this year’s Winter Solstice, but I couldn’t be happier that it is here. I love this time of year, it is truly my favorite season. I love the cold, crisp air, and all the changes in nature and the atmosphere it creates. However, I don’t […]

22 September
Posted in Art, Literature, Nature, The Lot
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Mabon Song

This poem was featured in a special Autumn segment on Pagan In Portland (season one, episode 16), hosted by Sonoran Green. Crisp. Clean. Bitter. Sweet. The third season arrives, Carried by the wind. The sun gods of the spheres Descend deep within the chasm Between light and dark. Faces turned […]

8 August
Posted in Culture, Nature, The Lot

Bad Pagan?

Lughnasadh? Uh, No Sir. So I began the pagan-flavored portion of my spiritual journey via my obsessive studies and casual reconstruction-ism of the Celtic folk-religion. Years later, however, I now find myself totally forgetting what part of the Wheel we’re on and how we got there and when these holidays […]


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