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seeking knowledge is its own sacred quest

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Meet Mnemosyne

  • Mnemosyne Mars (ni-MAHS-sǝ-ni)
  • Nickname: Moz (MAHZ)
  • Pagan By Nature the blog and podcast
  • Northern California, US
  • Baby pagan, pantheist, religious-studies nerd, visual artist, graphic designer, university student, smart mouth

Pagan By Nature chronicles my journey into pagan spirituality and the pagan community. My goal is to present my life and spirituality authentically, ask pertinent questions, make people laugh, tackle religious topics academically, and provide my fellow pagans (of all stages) with a safe, tolerant, and informative environment.

Even with more than three years “clocked” on the pagan path, I still consider myself a big, blundering, dorky, pagan noob. As a newcomer to witchcraft, pantheism, polytheism, and earth-centered spirituality, I have plenty to explore! I welcome you to join me as I attempt to shed some light on paganism from an outsider’s perspective.

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What’s in a name?

Mnemosyne | ni-MAHS-sǝ-ni |  Play Pronunciation

Greek Mythology: the Titan goddess of memory, language and history; mother of the nine Muses by Zeus; daughter of Gaia and Ouranos (Uranus). In Hades, she is keeper of the river Mnemosyne (memory), its restorative powers counterpart to the river Lethe (oblivion).


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