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2013 Recount, Recap, Review

Exit 2013

I been gone for a minute, but I’m back with the drop off…or, whatever this is. Twenty-thirteen is dead and gone, and I haven’t posted since last spring. So, here’s a list of, mostly, notable events that happened either to or around me, that I can recall, in 2013, in no particular order, because I’m horrible with time. So here’s everything I did in 2013 laid out in a terribly inconveinient list.

Last year I…

  • Settled into veganism and overcame some culinary obstacles (y’all know that they make vegan hotdogs, right?)
  • Settled into my new weight-loss journey with an actual plan to follow (clearly not able to do this on my own)
  • Renewed my commitment to my weight loss after a few setbacks (y’all know they make vegan hotdogs, right?)
  • Had my heart broken by my university’s new graphic design program overhaul (long story, short version…there is no short version)
  • Lost my way academically
  • Lost my faith in my passion
  • Lost my direction on my career path
  • Took a semester off from my university for spite mature reasons
  • Signed-up for classes at my old community college so that I could stay on my parents insurance as a student enrich my mind
  • Got a job! (it’s the same job I had before…but they hired me back!)
  • Got a car! (it’s my mom’s ancient 1998 VW…but it’s mine!)
  • Went to PantheaCon 2013:
    – Reconnected with my friend Faelyn from The Kindle Witch!
    – Met Mojo and Sparrow from The Wigglian Way!
    – Met Peter Paddon and took two of his classes!
    – Bought a signed copy of his book, Enchantment!
    – Learned to weave wheat with Faelyn and Sparrow (yes, you read that correctly)
    – Bought a simple Celtic diadem (yes, combining ‘simple’ and ‘diadem’ is an oxymoron)
    – Connected with Morrigan in a mass ritual with T. Thorn Coyle et al (and didn’t get eated)
  • Returned to my university for the fall semester
  • Also continued classes (and job) at community college
  • Classes taken in 2013 (at both institutions) included:
    – Death and Dying (applied psychology)
    – Intermediate Japanese (language)
    – Human Relationships (applied psychology)
    – Stress Management (health sciences)
    – Speed Reading (reading and comprehension workshop)
    – Reconstructing Ancient Civilizations (anthropology)
    – Writing for Artists (creative arts workshop)
  • Over the course of 2 semesters, at 2 colleges, I failed 5 classes, and aced 4 classes (fml)
  • Went from a 3.5gpa to a 3.3gpa
  • Lost 20lbs
  • Gained 18lbs
  • Kept weight-gain a secret from my family (who are paying for my Weight Watchers membership)
  • Had numerous fights with family (mostly over finances and internet usage…seriously)
  • Missed the 4th annual Pagan Podkin Supermoot (aka Magical Media Meetup) in New Orleans
  • Got depressed (numerous times)
  • Ate my feelings (numerous times)
  • Fell off the vegan wagon (I think it was the cake)
  • Got back on the vegan wagon (y’all know they make vegan hotdogs, right?)
  • Learned the NSA knew all about that stuff and those things (thank you, Snowden)
  • Blasted my cache (thank you, Snowden)
  • Reevaluated my life choices (thank you, Snowden)
  • Realized that my exposure to news, feminism, politics, and activism was almost entirely (unintentially on my part) whitewashed (aka segregated) due to the institutional racism in media
  • Made a point to seek out more diverse voices in news and social media
  • Found numerous marginalized voices (particularly feminist WoC) in the twitterverse and blogosphere
  • Discovered some of the major gaps in my understanding and ally-ship for LGBTQIAK community (especially the T and the A—and no that’s not a pun, but, heh)
  • Became more aware of my white privilege and resolved to do something about it (gawd I’m pale and middle-class)
  • Found a way to pretzel my finances so I could be a monthly contributor to Citizen Radio (my long-time favorite bestest independent lefty progressive hilarious news podcast evuuuur)
  • Got some of my credit debt down a manageable level (sort of)
  • Bought yet another tarot deck (oh, y’all, but this is The One)
  • Discovered American Horror Story (and am now quite sure that if I ever saw Jessica Lange or Lily Rabe in person I’d either, a) faint dead, b) cut and run, or c) strike first without warning)
  • Rejoiced that same-sex marriages could resume in California after DOMA was effectively dismissed by the supreme court (meaning it’s been bumped back down to the lower/state courts because the SCOTUS has absolutely zero spine)
  • Watched my two besties get married (once the courts no longer required one of them to complete their gender reassignment in order to do so)
  • Finished reading the other two books in the Millennium series by Steig Larsson (*clap-clap-clap!* well, they were audiobooks, so… *clap. clap.*)
  • Re-read the Harry Potter series (because why not)
  • Finally succumbed to the fandom that is the Doctor Who reboot (my mom and I blasted through series 1–4 in a manner of days, and currently we’re working on 5–7)
  • Developed an irrational fear of any and all angel statues for, like…still (don’t blink)
  • Reluctantly joined Tumblr (because Game of Thrones and kittehs)
  • Had my life simultaneously handed to me and forever changed by BEYONCÉ (omg omg omg omg omg…)
  • Got an iPhone for Christmas (I named her iPhoebe)
  • Recognized that there were several aspects of my life and self that required “adultifying” (like my vampiric sleeping habits)
  • Bought new clothes (which actually achieve to make me appear as though I have a modicum of style under all dis ‘liciousness)
  • Wrote 4 weird blog posts (see blog)
  • Recorded zero podcasts (see podcast…empty)
  • Gave up on my pagan path and community voice (for awhile)
  • Struggled with atheism (still do sometimes)
  • Went off my meds (just a tiny bit of negligence = big problems)
  • Got back on my meds (I’m okay)
  • Recognized my depression, anxiety, and hyperactivity issues are probably signs of a more complex and comprehensive disorder like bipolar-depression (faaaantastic)
  • Gave myself a hug
  • Discovered Welcome to Night Vale (then settled back into the welcoming cushions of penetrating darkness with a tall cool glass of healthy paranoia, in the best possible way)
  • Bought a really good water bottle (yes, this was seminal)
  • Listened to a gazillatrillion podcasts
  • Told my mom to lovingly suck it (politely and with great restraint) in regard to my witchy affiliation because she refuses to learn anything about it and therefore has relinquished her right to an opinion (again, politely, without swearing)
  • Came up with the best possible name for a tattoo and piercing parlor ever (ahem *clears throat* Pins & Needles©®™ *nods* nailed it)

That’s pretty much it. If I think of anything else amazing I’ve done, I’ll keep it to myself.

I’m a pan(en)theistic Pagan with a quick tongue, black thumb, and no sense of elemental direction. Otherwise, I’m awesome.
Posted By Mnemosyne Mars

I'm a pan(en)theistic Pagan with a quick tongue, black thumb, and no sense of elemental direction. Otherwise, I'm awesome.

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