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Lexicon In Review, 2011

I have been remiss in my lexical duties. Never fear, I have many additions to make in 2012. Before I embark on that project, I thought we should review some of the newest additions that happened in 2011. Many, many, many notable figures in the pagan community have been featured. We quote because we love. Enjoy!

Most Recent Neologisms for 2011

(Naturally, none of these terms and phrases are not intended to be taken seriously…except for those that are…but I’ll leave those determinations up to you, and take no responsibility for your choices. As Velma Nightshade would say: don’t eat rocks!)

Agnes Nutter’s Way to Trayne Your Furrye Frend
The much anticipated sequel to The Nife and Accurate Prophefies of Agnes Nutter, Witch. Unfortunately, Agnes was burned at the stake by a mob (because that’s what mobs did at that time) before the sequel could be published. Fortunately, because she had foreseen her fiery end (“Ye’re tardy; I should have been aflame ten minutes since”) she had packed 80 pounds of gunpowder and 40 pounds of roofing nails into her petticoats, so that everyone who participated in the burning was killed instantly.
Source: Lis Mitchell (@Pixelfish) from a twittersation between her and me on Twitter. A spoof on the fabulous novel Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophesies of Agnes Nutter, Witch by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman.

A person who renounces a religious or political belief, cause or principle. Weirdly Similar To: apostle. Rhymes With: prostate. Synonyms: atheist, anarchist, me on Tuesdays. Origin: Greek, from apostatēs meaning ‘runaway slave.’ Origin Analysis: apropos.
Source: dictionary definition; heard on The Angry Atheist podcast.

Biblia Abiblia
A book that is not a book.

Having a deep and intuitive knowledge of books which are brought into physical being by a demiurge, or something.

A bibliophage (an ardent reader; bookworm) with supernatural powers!

Blast-Ended Skank
Your grandmother is a… (Best. Insult. Ever.) A fabulous spoof on J.K. Rowling’s fictional creature, the Blast-Ended Skrewt, in the Harry Potter series.
Source: Emily or ~kissedbyavampire on deviantART, via J.K. Rowling.

Dark Day of Venus
Black Friday.
Source: Christopher Penczak via tweet on Twitter, and status update on Facebook, Friday 25, 2011.

Disc of Shadows
The techno-pagan equivalent of a Book of Shadows. Acronym: DOS.
Source: heard on episode 2 of the Shhh! There are Pagans in Texas! podcast.

Person A: “You’re a doomaflodgy!” Person B: “I know. Got the t-shirt.” A doomaflodgey is a satire of the frequent attempts to reclaim a derogatory word (i.e. bitch, black, etc.) in an effort to take away the power of that word to harm.
Source: Fire Lyte, heard on episode 63 “Inciting A Zimmelblob Riot” of the Inciting A Riot podcast.

The Fifth Dimension
A Tesseract. A tesseract functions as a portal to the fifth dimension, a way of traveling from one point to another by traversing space and time. Mathematically, a tesseract is a four-dimensional, 8-celled, octachoron structure depicting four-dimensional space.
Source: from the novel A Wrinkle In Time by Madeleine L’Engle, and actual physics. See the tesseract geometry Wikipedia article, and the A Wrinkle In Time Wikipedia article (specifically the tesseract concept portion).

Forever Pope
The Forever Pope™! Tons of fun! No dying! Fangs included. (When the pope becomes a vampire, we’ll never have to hold Conclave again. Wait, he wears a cross on his head…how will that work? Oh noes!)
Source: the McElroy brothers from the My Brother, My Brother and Me podcast, Episode 85.

Ghost Faeries
They’re real. And they have sex in your kitchen. (The following is to be said in the style of Peter Griffin, a la “Roadhouse” gag) *bam!* Ghost Faeries.
A nick’ for Nick, cuz we tight. Ho Ho Ho, Ho-Ho.
Source: the McElroy brothers from the My Brother, My Brother and Me podcast, Episode 85.

Instant Karma
Instant karma’s gonna get you. (Yes.) Gonna knock you right on the head. (Sometimes literally.) Better get yourself together, darling. (Because even the universe has limits.) Pretty soon you’re gonna be dead. (Some things deserve swift justice.) Example: Here is just one example of the universe’s Douche Filter otherwise known as Instant Karma. It’s very mild. I didn’t want to promote anything too offensive…douche-bags get too much attention as it is.
Source: John Lennon, and the Universe. It’s straight from the Universe. Send your complaints to someone who cares.

It’s On, Witch
*bam!* Roadhouse. <|:|
According to Alice Cooper, the rumors of Keith Richards’ status as a Satanist are greatly exaggerated. Keith Richards is older than Satan. Therefore, Satan is a Keithist. Hail Keith. };)
Source: from a brief, hilarious comment made by Alice Cooper on the Halloween radio broadcast edition of Nights with Alice Cooper, Halloween 2011.

Living Impaired
The politically correct term for zombies.
Source: Gillian Chase on Iron Powaqa Radio podcast, episode “Camp Lead, Vol II.”

Divining divination.
Source: Me. I was bored.

Merlin’s Beard!
No, no, we’re not referencing Nimue and the possibility of Merlin’s homosexual status. It’s an adorable oath (exclamation) coined by J.K. Rowling in the Harry Potter series.
Source: I just told you: J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter series, geez.

Fear the Nog. During the longest night of the year, before snuggling down into their beds, all wise little podkin and podlings must ask themselves: Are You Ready For Nogwatch? Leave out the effigies, red wine…plenty of red wine, marshamallows in the shape of small babies, and evil dioramas if you want to live.
Source: Fire Lyte from his article Are You Ready For NogWatch? on Inciting A Riot, and on episode 19 of Inciting A BrewHaHa with Velma Nightshade.

Pagan Problems
Problems that are unique to the pagan community. Example: “That moment when you realize talking out loud to spirit guides (while in public) may put you in a psych institute. Pagan Problems.”
Source: a tweet by Colton Blake (@colton_blake) on Twitter, 12/16/11.

1) A pagan chick. 2) A pagan chick with a penchant for politics and magical trends. As in, “Oh, my, goddess, your ritual robes are sooooooo last cross-quarter, honey” or “The promoters of [insert-controversial-pagan-topic-here] are totally using a string of logical fallacies as their main means of support, don’t you agree? Wait…are you really going to wear those robes?”
Source: Seen on the Magic Without Gods? entry written by Not Hannah on the Divining Women blog.

The Pope’s Private Naked Dude Mural
The Sistine Chapel.
Source: The Simpsons episode “The Book Job,“ Episode 6, Season 23. Original air-date: November 20, 2011 on Fox.

Seven Deadly Demons
THE MOST AWESOME BAND NAME EVER! Or, in another reality, they are specific demons associated with each of the Seven Deadly Sins in old timey Catholicism, apparently. *cue music* “The more you know!”
Source: Velma Nightshade and Fire Lyte from Inciting A BrewHaHa podcast, episode 18.

What? Don’t you like stones? Then you’re a stoner. That’s not illegal. Just remember, when it comes to stones, size doesn’t matter, but hardness does. Heh.
Source: heard on Oraia Helene’s podcast Between the Earth and Stars (formerly known as Media Astra Ac Terra), episode 36.

Oh…that’s Tarot-ble. :D
Source: coined by Ross and Carrie on their Oh No! Ross and Carrie! podcast, episode Ross and Carrie Try Tarot: Don’t Let the Tarot-rists Win.

A Twitter account. That’s all. Get your head out of the gutter. (But it really does sound like a dirty euphemism, doesn’t it? Heh. Use it in a sentence. Do it. It’s funny.)
Source: heard on the The Witches’ View podcast

Psychic link between twins. Possibly due to a bifurcated soul. ‘Cause that’s real.
Source: psychic twins Terry and Linda Jameson on the absolute worst show ever, aka The View.

Yes. This is a thing.
Source: heard on episode 2 of the Shhh! There are Pagans in Texas! podcast.

It’s a bat! It’s a broom! No, it’s Super-witch! According to the role described by Friedrich Nietzsche, the überhexen would be “The ideal superior [witch] of the future who could rise above conventional morality to create and impose [his or her] own values.” Plural: Überhexen. Origin: German, literally ‘super-witch.’
Sidenote: Interestingly enough, as ‘hexe’ means ‘witch’ in German, ironically ‘uber’ means ‘witch’ in Turkish. So if you happen to be half Turkish and half German, take out the umlat and you could be a ‘witch-witch.’
Source: a spoof on the concept of the übermensch (superman or overman) by Friedrich Nietzsche in Thus Spake Zarathustra (1883–85). Butchered for kicks.

Acronym: Utterly Useless Psychic Abilities. Example: You’re psychic, but you can only see future events a few seconds before they happen. See? Useless. You’re entire life will be spent going “Oh, watch out for that—” and “Wait! Don’t open—!” and so on.
Source: my mother and I. It’s one of our favorite games.

Welcome To Paganism . . . Slow Your Roll
As baby pagans it’s easy to go overboard with all your new witchy stuff: the tools, the books, the jewelry, the studying, the culture, the forums, the glitter, etc. Remember that paganism and witchcraft are a lifelong path, and they don’t require shiny new tools or monogrammed, pentacle-embroidered black velvet cowl robes with gold threaded trim. Slow your roll. You can easily burn yourself out otherwise, or worse, make a magical ass out of yourself (but I say that with love).
Source: Velma Nightshade on the Inciting A BrewHaHa podcast, Episode 13.

What The Fluff?
What the…. Are you wearing fairy wings? What the fluff? What the fluff is up with that? (Nah, nah, just kidding. Fairy wings are awesome.)
Source: from the Pagan Princesses blog.

You Do The Rhyme, You Do The Time
Spell-caster beware. Witches take responsibility for their actions. It is a craft of conscious self-empowerment. If you aren’t prepared to reap the consequences of your spell, then don’t do it. Remember: curses are a last resort, not a first course of action.
Source: term coined, and definition based on a comment made by Velma Nightshade, guest-spotting on the Inciting A Riot podcast, episode 23: “Inciting A BrewHaHa.”

Everyone knows what a Zimmelblob is, silly! Well, we’re about 25% confident that Zimmelblob’s are non-quadrupeds who eschew the practice of eating rocks and don’t make their beds in mailboxes. At least, that is according to the Man-In-The-Funny-Hat. A Zimmelblob is parodic example of a word that defies definition because it refuses to limit itself to any fixed, distinct meaning other than to reiterate what it is not.
Source: coined by that gorgeous Zimmelblob, Fire Lyte, in his WitchVox article Coming Out As A Zimmelblob, and on episode 63 “Inciting A Zimmelblob Riot” of the Inciting A Riot podcast.

Zombie Jesus Day
Happy Zombie Jesus Day! Jesus died for our sins, then three days later he came back from the grave to feast on human flesh…or something.
Source: heard on the Citizen Radio podcast, episode 276: Happy Zombie Jesus Day…

Love & Puns,

I’m a pan(en)theistic Pagan with a quick tongue, black thumb, and no sense of elemental direction. Otherwise, I’m awesome.
Posted By Mnemosyne Mars

I'm a pan(en)theistic Pagan with a quick tongue, black thumb, and no sense of elemental direction. Otherwise, I'm awesome.

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  1. Yes, yes, I know! I have a revision in the works for NogWatch, as I forgot to mention the origin of the spoof. I will get on that. —Moz


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