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Tarot Trim and Holiday Hell

Will I Be Trimming The Tarot With Care?

My new Sun and Moon tarot deck arrived today! (See previous post for images.) I’m already in LOVE with them. However, I found myself immediately tempted to trim them down to get rid of the stark, white borders as well as the distracting and unnecessary publisher copyright they insist on placing in, every, single, card.

If I do this, I will loose the card titles and the additional card meaning information on the pip cards that the artist cleverly included. Sad to see them go, but I think the cards will be beautiful without them. Still debating whether to do this or not. We’ll see. Just wanted to share the awesome.

Shutdown Black Friday…Please

On another note… As we are now well into the start of the dreaded holiday shopping season, please remember that giving is from the heart, not the pocket book. Whatever your beliefs or practices, I urge you to not let corporations dictate your families sacred celebrations. Whether the treasures are from Santa, or mommy and daddy, or friends and coworkers, let the generosity of spirit come from a place of love and respect.

Consider doing something different this year. People groan at the mere mention of “making your own gifts” due to the time and effort it would require. But I can’t help but consider all the time they spend shopping, planning, and stressing about the so-called “season of giving.” I know that in my house, no matter how generous the intentions are, or how genuine the attempts at hospitality, stressing over the seemingly endless material aspects of getting the family together, has made this my least favorite time of year.

Granted, I’m really sensitive around intense energy. And we have a very small house. And we dont have a lot of money. And we all work very hard. And are therefore seldom home to work on the house and keep things in order on a regular basis. So, every year, we end up engaging in a cleaning, clearing, stuffing, throwing, covering, and shoveling campaign-of-terror just before the family arrives. This has led to a severe loathing on my part for this holiday.

I know that our family is not alone in this struggle. Many families, especially now because of the recession, experience the same thing. Most of us, I would imagine, are just trying to find ways of bringing a little magic and love into our lives at this time of year, when we most need it. So…how do we go from that to Black Friday? I forever fail to see how these two things are related, except in the minds of advertisers.

Shut. It. Down.

I do hope everyone stateside enjoyed their Thanksgiving, and if you do find yourself entering the shopping olympics this year, do so with health, safety, and a little magic.

Love and Joy,

I’m a pan(en)theistic Pagan with a quick tongue, black thumb, and no sense of elemental direction. Otherwise, I’m awesome.
Posted By Mnemosyne Mars

I'm a pan(en)theistic Pagan with a quick tongue, black thumb, and no sense of elemental direction. Otherwise, I'm awesome.

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