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Deck the Tarot and Trim the Cards

Here a picture of the modified Sun and Moon deck with the borders trimmed. The nerve-racking task of cutting-up the cards was worth totally it in this case, because I’m really pleased with the result. Much, much cleaner. No more distractions. No more annoying copyright information on every card. No more blinding white-space around the artwork. Not to mention, going through and modifying each card gave me a lot of personal time with this deck. I feel extremely close to it now, and I can already recognize the imagery of each suit and major, even though I’ve only had it a few days. Success!

Before and after border trim.

Love and Craft,

I’m a pan(en)theistic Pagan with a quick tongue, black thumb, and no sense of elemental direction. Otherwise, I’m awesome.
Posted By Mnemosyne Mars

I'm a pan(en)theistic Pagan with a quick tongue, black thumb, and no sense of elemental direction. Otherwise, I'm awesome.

6 Responses to “Deck the Tarot and Trim the Cards”

  1. Fire Lyte says:

    How in the WORLD did you get them all so uniform and perfect????

    Also, I can haz prittee prittee deck yu maid?


    • 1) I’m a scissor wizard. Srsly. Plus I used my fancy, German, stainless steel, professional fabric shears my Aunt gave me years ago that I shamefully use for EVERYTHING (naturally, they’re only supposed to be used for fabric, ahem). The corners aren’t uniform, but close enough. What I really want are one of those professional corner punches/shears that I’ve seen in hobby shops. Yummers.

      2) NO! Go away! Stop looking at my cards! Mine! (The artist is names Vanessa Decort, and she’s an awesome artist and graphic designer out of Belgium. Gorgeous, aren’t they?)

  2. Fire Lyte says:

    Also, what photo editing software do you use? I’m really wanting to start learning one… Photoshop, Pixelmator…something. But, I need it dumbed way, way, way down.

    • Photoshop. Only way to go. I’m still lamenting the loss of GIMP though. That program was awesomesauce. I have yet to find an adequate substitute in freeware. Picasa is awful. Sketchbook Express is nice looking, but it’s super limiting and really only useful for quick note-taking style sketches. If you’re going to invest, go Photoshop. It’s complex, but super powerful. And the great thing is that once you learn it, you can pretty much navigate your way around Any Other Version of the Photoshop software, past and future (plus most other Adobe software, since they have similar user layouts and file systems). Photoshop elements is not that good in the sense that it doesn’t make learning the software easier (not as user-friendly as they claim), and it’s very limiting in what you can do. Go for the full Photoshop if you’re looking to buy. You can always ask me questions about it! I’ve been training in graphic design and photo-manipulation for years, so I know my way around Adobe. <3

  3. macpunk says:

    Wow that deck is most definitely better looking post trim. What a great idea!


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