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PBN Lexicon Contest!

Lexical Exegesis

As many of you know, the Lexicon is my pagan glossary. It is a compendium of whimsical witchy words and pagan puns, some of which I made-up, and many others that have been recorded from other pagan sources. Some of the terms are actually used by their sources (e.g. Fire Lyte from Inciting A Riot, Velma Nightshade from Witches Brew Ha Ha, The Circle of the Silver Moon from The Witches’ View, and myself from here), while others are slightly fictional and often wildly inaccurate. Humor is its paramount function, but a few entries are drop dead serious and should be only spoken with great reverence; for instance, the wave-riding deity known as Papa Ooma Mow Mow, to whom one should never deny knowledge of The Bird, and the great and mighty Oracle, which should only be called upon in times of urgent need or serious mischief.

Lexical Expansion

To my great joy, the Lexicon has grown from a scant spoof to a prosperous parody. I would like to take this moment to thank everyone, spectators and contributors alike, for giving me such amazing inspiration and endless material! Cheers! Your whimsy is very much appreciated. However, plenty of letters in the alphabet have yet to be given proper linguistic recognition due to the lack of corresponding entries. I would like to fill those blanks, so…*

*The elipses here is meant to intrigue and prompt you to continue reading due to the enigmatic implication that there is further information to be gleaned on this subject and is not at all intended to indicate that I died in the middle of that sentence, because I assure you that if ever such a thing was ever to occur I would not be so thoughtless as to exclude an appropriate exclamation to precede the drop-off, such as “Aaaaarrrrgh…” with the last remnants of strength in my remaining limbs or tongue.

Lexical Neologisms

…let’s have some fun! That’s right, it’s time to neologize people! Neologizing is the coining of new words or phrases. In this case, your neologisms will be words that have popped up in the pagan community or that you have created yourself. Seen or heard something in the pagan community that ought to be on the Lexicon? (Well, when exactly were you planning on getting to the telling-me-about-it part?) Lucky for you, Pagan By Nature is having a Lexicon Contest! Winners get a shout-out on the next episode of the PBN podcast, plus an awesome…um, prize, of some sort. Okay, I’ll work on the prize part. Details to come. The objectives and rules of the contest are listed below. I do the judging, and the choosing, and the shout-outing, and the prize-giving. I am the goddess of the Lexicon and retain total control of its holy contents. If your word, name or phrase is not chosen, I’ll let you know why and you will have another chance to enter (see Da Rulez).

Lexical Objectives

The objective of this enterprise is to launch a global revolution of enlightenment and peace, which will radiate throughout the universe as a magical, mental, and physical force by virtue of wisdom and the veracity gained from our collective recognition that the material world is an illusion, and that ideas such as economics, borders, and control are all meaningless, and only exist if we allow them to; that within ourselves is the divine light of a universal spirit which manifests as love and stardust, and through which, we are connected to all points in time, and all manner of people, through breath and divinity. But in the meantime, let’s add some more funny words to the Lexicon and call it a day well-spent on the interwebs.

Lexical Quest

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, will be to find or create a silly word or phrase, beginning with one of the unused letters in my Lexicon, that adheres to the pagan theme. Follow the instructions below, and be sure to read Da Rulez. All contest entries and questions should be sent to me at The three best entries will win [some kind of prize]. All entries will get a shout-out on the podcast, and eternal fame in the Source section of their term on the Lexicon. Good luck neologists!

Find or invent one neologism starting with any of these letters: C, E, F, H, J, K, L, N, Q, R, U, V, Y, Z. The available letters are easy enough to remember if you use my super simple mnemonic device. Just remember that you are seeking new entries for my Catalog of Expressions and Fantastical Humdingers where Jargon and Knowledgable Locution are Nonsensical and Quotes, Remarks, Utterances, Vocalizations and Yattering build the pagan Zeitgeist. Super simple, right?

Your neologism may be a noun, verb, or adjective; and it may be styled as an expletive, exclamation, witticism, or verbal pun. It must conform to the topic of paganism and the humorous theme of the Lexicon. It should be esoteric, unique, and colloquial in spirit. I may accept new definitions for pre-existing terms…but only if they’re exceedingly silly or exceptionally witty. A neologism can be found or created for a pagan activity, concept, label, object, tool, entity, event, doohickey, paraphernalia, creature, and more. Use your imagination and always be on the hunt for those little jewels in our ever changing pagan vocabulary!

Da Rulez

Only one entry per contestant. Always cite your sources! Please include the name (the original creator or person who introduced you to it), place (the virtual or physical place where you first heard or read it), medium (website, book, podcast, real life, event, etc.), date (when heard or created), and website (a link to the source – if applicable). If you fail to meet any of the criteria, then your entry may be refused. In that event, you will be contacted and given a chance to try again. I reserve the right to reject any entry for any reason because I’m the sovereign queen of the website. I also reseve the right to alter or add to these rules at any time without notice because I’m also the resident bitch of the website.

Good Night and Good Luck,
Also My Apologies for the Deluge of Silliness In This Post,

I’m a pan(en)theistic Pagan with a quick tongue, black thumb, and no sense of elemental direction. Otherwise, I’m awesome.
Posted By Mnemosyne Mars

I'm a pan(en)theistic Pagan with a quick tongue, black thumb, and no sense of elemental direction. Otherwise, I'm awesome.

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  1. Somebody please enter this besides Fire Lyte. I’m feeling unloved. —The Lexicon


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